"…rock with soul with a punk vibe to it.”

Burning Bright Media

"Tokyo Rodeo from Denver began in 2015 when the major musical trends of the day were burning out. Garage rock, surf rock, nth wave psychedelia, the New Americana, neo-classic rock and chillwave were on the outs. Fortunately the quartet wasn't of any of those trends so its earnest, songwriting-based rock seemed refreshingly different from the outset. Guitarist/singer Eric Slater had cut his teeth on early alternative rock as a youngster in the 90s in Nebraska and both singer Corrine Williams and drummer Gerry Feit came up through punk in Denver and Bucks County, Pennsylvania respectively. In an earlier incarnation of the band, Slater was the lead vocalist but when Williams joined in fall 2017 their mutual knack for putting some grit into a bluesy vocal style proved a powerful combination. Together they could articulate poetic yet unpretentious stories and sentiments that make up the perennial and evergreen themes of rock and roll regardless of subgenre: love, sex, death, frustration, outrage, joy, triumph, sadness. Because the name Tokyo Rodeo suggests no subgenre expectations, the band has been able to write its songs unfettered by a need to adhere to a style other than its own. Its melodic rock is informed by a scrappy underdog fire paired with a surprising creative refinement. Because of this the group has found a niche in the Mile High City where it can play shows in the underground metal and punk scenes as well as the more mainstream rock milieu and fit in perfectly. Tokyo Rodeo has also not limited its performances to Colorado and has been making waves outside of Colorado on short tours and jaunts to test its mettle outside of the usual friend circles. Currently in the process of completing its latest album, Tokyo Rodeo is poised to make its mark far and wide in 2020." - Tom Murphy

“I’ve never seen a band have such freedom, chaos, open, resilient sounds come back to complete precision.  Their form and tight-knit music had a military-like discipline… They swayed the pendulum of songs back and forth from staccato, division, full and big, then countered the loud sounds with vacant space…” – The Hypist

Tokyo Rodeo was formed in 2015 in Denver, Colorado and consists  of Corrine Williams (Vocals), Eric Slater (Guitar/Vocals), Steve Waltman (Bass), and Gerry Feit (Drums).


The band has garnered attention in the Denver music scene for their soulful punk-rock vibe and hard hitting rock n' roll sound.

Denver, CO, USA

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