We're back after a diseased maelstrom of hiatus.  Lips spread, fingers stretched, battle axes blazing and larynxes rip roaring.  Let's tango.


Tony Hecker is banging the drums all day for Tokyo Rodeo.  Born to raise hell.

Ray Childs has joined our ranks.  TR respects a righteous bass player.  We'll bet you do too. 

A Girl Like Me Movie Fundraiser.jpg

Recently, local Denver creative and friend of the band, Carrie G. asked Tokyo Rodeo if we would make a guest appearance rocking the F*ck out in a scene for an independent film she is shooting.  The scene is quintessential for the movie as it is where the two main characters first fall in love.  We gave Carrie G. the ol' "yar" and wrote an incredibly personal and intimate song that will make you weep as you punch your bestie in the pit.

If you want to come get sentimentally smacked with Tokyo Rodeo and support a sure to be sweet and thought provoking local Indie Film, please come to the fundraiser for “A Girl Like Me.”  There will be live music, live art, an art auction, hosted by a local drag queen celebrity and a percentage of the proceeds go to support a local LGBT non-profit.